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tacg is a command-line program that performs many of the common routines in pattern matching in biological strings. It was originally designed for restriction enzyme analysis and while that still forms a core of the program, it has been expanded to fill more roles, sort of a 'grep' for DNA. However, it is also more than that: a brief description of its abilities is at the bottom of this page.

List of some active WWWtacg servers * [last Updated ]
UC Irvine [09.08.06] tacg 4.3
UC Irvine [09.08.06] tacg 4.3
UC Irvine [09.08.06] tacg 4.3
Cal State Fullerton [09.11.06] tacg 4.3
Cal State Fullerton [09.11.06] tacg 4.3
* Email me if there is a problem with one of these servers, including the URL of the server you used. Also let me know if you install a tacg server and want it listed here.

New features visible in the current Web version include:

  • ORF and MET/STOP map
  • emulate Dam and/or Dcm methylation
  • analyzing sequence retrieved by accession # from NCBI (Web version only; requires BioPerl)
  • creating circular Postscript or PDF plasmid maps with degeneracies plotted around the circumference and any/all ORFs plotted as well. Click on the image to the left panel for a PDF example.

What tacg is:

It supports: [* = new or improved in version 4]